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RETRIFLEX® Reusable Foreign Body Retrievers have been engineered and manufactured as a result of a long R&D co-operation with end users.

They are available in a wide range of types and sizes to suit all the most typical endoscopy procedures such as broncoscopy, gastroscopy and colonscopy as well as veterinary diagnostics and surgery.

They are made of high quality stainless steel with plastic parts made of medical grade resins. The finger slide is ergonomically shaped to fit everybody’s fingers for simpler and more comfortable use. Also, the finger ring is wider for better fitting and increased comfort.

Finitura terminaleThe length and diameter are printed on the handle, while the three different colours of the finger slide will also help you choose the right instrument.

The diameter of the working channel of the endoscope should be at least 0,2 mm bigger than the diameter of the instrument yet is not oversized.

The distal part of the spiral has been ground smooth for easier as well as faster movement along the working channel. Its reduced stiffness also gives the user extra sensitivity for special applications such as in pedriatics.

The spiral also shows length markers for faster use within the working channel as well as allowing the tip to approach and exit the distal end of the channel more safely. Just look at the table printed on the handle to choose the proper length marker in accordance with the endoscope in use.

Riferimento laser Tacche laser

Scatola e confezioneSuch features, along with its very smooth operation resulting from high-precision assembling, make the product easier and safer to use. Highly-resistant materials and low-maintenance needs make them very cost-effective too.

The Forceps and Retrievers are reusable and delivered in clean room (Class 10.000) sealed envelopes (NOT sterile) then individually packed into cardboard boxes. They can be sterilized by steam and gas (ETO) procedures according to standard protocols.




Order no. Outer diameter

Forked Jaw

Pinza - Forchetta a 3-4 denti

length 120 cm - 1:2

BR.R.SP.J1.120.18 1,8
BR.R.SP.J1.120.23 2,3
length 120 cm - 2:2
BR.R.SP.J2.120.18 1,8
BR.R.SP.J2.120.23 2,3
length 160 cm - 1:2
BR.R.SP.J1.160.18 1,8
BR.R.SP.J1.160.23 2,3
length 160 cm - 2:2
BR.R.SP.J2.160.18 1,8
BR.R.SP.J2.160.23 2,3
length 180 cm - 1:2
BR.R.SP.J1.180.18 1,8
BR.R.SP.J1.180.23 2,3
length 180 cm - 2:2
BR.R.SP.J2.180.18 1,8
BR.R.SP.J2.180.23 2,3
length 230 cm - 1:2
BR.R.SP.J1.230.18 1,8
BR.R.SP.J1.230.23 2,3
length 230 cm - 2:2
BR.R.SP.J2.230.18 1,8
BR.R.SP.J2.230.23 2,3

Rat Tooth

Pinza - Dente di topo

length 120 cm

BR.R.SP.RT.120.18 1,8
BR.R.SP.RT.120.23 2,3
BR.R.SP.RT.120.25 2,5
length 160 cm
BR.R.SP.RT.160.18 1,8
BR.R.SP.RT.160.23 2,3
BR.R.SP.RT.160.25 2,5
length 180 cm
BR.R.SP.RT.180.18 1,8
BR.R.SP.RT.180.23 2,3
BR.R.SP.RT.180.25 2,5
length 230 cm
BR.R.SP.RT.230.18 1,8
BR.R.SP.RT.230.23 2,3
BR.R.SP.RT.230.25 2,5


Pinza - Alligatore

length 120 cm

BR.R.SP.A.120.18 1,8
BR.R.SP.A.120.23 2,3
BR.R.SP.A.120.25 2,5
length 160 cm
BR.R.SP.A.160.18 1,8
BR.R.SP.A.160.23 2,3
BR.R.SP.A.160.25 2,5
length 180 cm
BR.R.SP.A.180.18 1,8
BR.R.SP.A.180.23 2,3
BR.R.SP.A.180.25 2,5
length 230 cm
BR.R.SP.A.230.18 1,8
BR.R.SP.A.230.23 2,3
BR.R.SP.A.230.25 2,5

Alligator Crocodile

Pinza - Coccodrillo
length 120 cm
BR.R.SP.AC.120.18 1,8
BR.R.SP.AC.120.23 2,3
BR.R.SP.AC.120.25 2,5
length 160 cm
BR.R.SP.AC.160.18 1,8
BR.R.SP.AC.160.23 2,3
BR.R.SP.AC.160.25 2,5
length 180 cm
BR.R.SP.AC.180.18 1,8
BR.R.SP.AC.180.23 2,3
BR.R.SP.AC.180.25 2,5
length 230 cm
BR.R.SP.AC.230.18 1,8
BR.R.SP.AC.230.23 2,3
BR.R.SP.AC.230.25 2,5

4-Wire hexagonal basket

Pinza - Cesto elicoidale
length 180 cm
BR.R.SP.4X1.180.23 2,3
BR.R.SP.4X2.180.23 2,3
BR.R.SP.4X3.180.23 2,3
length 230 cm
BR.R.SP.4X1.230.23 2,3
BR.R.SP.4X2.230.23 2,3
BR.R.SP.4X3.230.23 2,3

Helicoidal baskets

Pinza - Cesto elicoidale
length 180 cm
BR.R.SP.4W1.180.23 2,3
BR.R.SP.4W2.180.23 2,3
BR.R.SP.4W3.180.23 2,3
length 230 cm
BR.R.SP.4W1.230.23 2,3
BR.R.SP.4W2.230.23 2,3
BR.R.SP.4W3.230.23 2,3
length 180 cm
BR.R.SP.6W1.180.23 2,3
BR.R.SP.6W2.180.23 2,3
BR.R.SP.6W3.180.23 2,3
length 230 cm
BR.R.SP.6W1.230.23 2,3
BR.R.SP.6W2.230.23 2,3
BR.R.SP.6W3.230.23 2,3




Pinza - Braccetti con uncino Pinza - Braccetti cono occhiello
length 120 cm - with hooks
BR.R.SP.4H.120.25 2,5
length 120 cm - with eyelets
BR.R.SP.4E.120.25 2,5
length 160 cm - with hooks
BR.R.SP.4H.160.25 2,5
length 160 cm - with eyelets
BR.R.SP.4E.160.25 2,5
length 180 cm - with hooks
BR.R.SP.4H.180.25 2,5
length 180 cm - with eyelets
BR.R.SP.4E.180.25 2,5
length 230 cm - with hooks
BR.R.SP.4H.230.25 2,5
length 230 cm - with eyelets
BR.R.SP.4E.230.25 2,5


Handle, spiral, and cups:

stainless steel

Finger ring: steel (PS) or medical grade resin (SP)
Finger slide: medical grade resin
Protection sleeve: heat shrinking rubber

Order no. table

BR Foreign Body Retrievers AC Alligator Crocodile
R Reusable 4W/6W 4/6-Wire helicoidal basket
SP Plastic finger slide & finger ring 4X 4-Wire hexagonal basket
PS Plastic finger slide
 Width of baskets when open:
4H 4-Sprong Grasper w/hooks    1     15 mm
4E 4-Sprong Grasper w/eyelets
 2     25 mm
J1 Forked Jaw 1:2    3     35 mm
J2 Forked Jaw 2:2    
Rat Tooth BR.R.SP.J1.120.18 length in cm
Alligator BR.R.SP.J1.120.18 diameter in mm/10

Also available upon request


Handle 100% stainless steel

P Handle 100% plastic

Download the brochure as PDF (330 KB)

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